Advisory Council

Jeff Bridges
Doug Capps
Laura Capps
Roger Capps
Liz Clark
Phyllis de Picciotto
Jennifer Ferro
Don George
Nancy Gifford
Brad Hall
Roger Himovitz
Sen. Bob Kerrey
Paula Lopez
Gwyn Lurie
Morgan Maassen
Sara Miller-McCune
Glen Phillips
Wendy Read
Vicki Riskin
Stan Roden
Mike Stoker
Marilyn Tam
Marianne Williamson

Bob Kerrey Headshot.jpg

“Making peace is harder than making war. The Lois & Walter Capps Project is helping us make peace.”

Bob Kerrey – Former U.S. Senator and Governor, Medal of Honor Recipient,
LWCP Advisor


Board of Directors

Bob Bason
Mary Becker
Lois Capps
Todd Capps
Rebecca Capps
Bill Cirone
Hal Conklin
Lito Garcia
Alison Hardey
Judith Hopkinson
Mark Ingalls
Steve Jacobsen
Aaron Jones
James Joyce
Pat McElroy
Bruce McFadden
Manjari Sharma
Casey Summar

Executive Committee

Hal Conklin

Lois Capps

Member At Large
Allison Hardey

Todd Capps


Casey Summar


Bob Bason

Marilyn Tam Headshot.jpg

“‘Who is your neighbor?’ This defining question shapes and determines the state of the world. The Lois & Walter Capps Project's goal is to help us truly communicate with each other so that we may find common ground to live in love, peace, and harmony. Everyone is our neighbor.”

Marilyn Tam – Founder of Us Foundation, former CEO of Aveda Corp., former President of Reebok Apparel and Retail Group, former Vice President of Nike Inc., Author, LWCP Advisor

Stoker headshot.png

"More than ever we need to support the mission and goals of the Lois & Walter Capps Project. Hopefully what this project can accomplish locally will spread like a virus to the national level, and we will return to a day where we all show respect and civility to others regardless of their point of view on any particular issue."

Mike Stoker – Attorney at Law, LWCP Advisor

Jennifer Ferro Headshot.jpg

"I can't think of a better endeavor than the Los & Walter Capps Project to fill the crucial role of bringing people together to listen and to talk about the things that both divide us and bind us. "

Jennifer Ferro – KCRW President, LWCP Advisor

Cirone headshot.png

"The Lois & Walter Capps Project is about rebuilding the very foundation of democracy - authentic and constructive dialogue among diverse groups and individuals, working together for the common good. It is, in short, a much needed vehicle to restore democracy and rebuild our institutions of self government, starting at the local level."

Bill Cirone – Santa Barbara County Superintendent of Schools (Ret.),
LWCP Board Member

Gwyn headshot.jpeg

"Democracy is an experiment, the success of which must not be taken for granted. As our world becomes more fractured and our information more customized, it is too easy to hide behind our assumptions about others. The Lois & Walter Capps Project is working to bring together disparate individuals to engage in constructive dialogue, to dig beneath difference, and to find surprising commonalities. This coming together to seek understanding must happen first on the most local level, between neighbors and community members. Only then can we demand this of our nation’s leaders."

Gwyn Lurie – Human Rights Watch Santa Barbara Chapter Co-Chair, Screenwriter,
LWCP Advisor