This community-focused Project is for all of us.

The programs outlined below benefit from a diversity of participants. No matter your background or beliefs, we encourage you to be a part of this collaborative endeavor. And we look forward to seeing you soon."

Lois Capps, Co-Founder


2018 - 2019 Programs


PROGRAM: “Common Table”

We believe that our democracy was built on an ability to recognize that despite our differences, we are bonded together through our conversations with one another – our shared stories, concerns, and hopes for the future.

Divisiveness and conflict are fueled by the inability to see each other as people, with much more in common than we are often led to believe. Walter Capps stated that "we are strongest as people when we are directed by that which unites us, rather than giving into the fears, suspicions, innuendos and paranoias that divide."

Sitting down for a meal together is one of the most fundamental ways to bridge divisions and build community. It is a basic starting point toward deeper understanding and relationship-building. So "Common Table" is being developed as a rather uncommon series of public events in the Santa Barbara community around doing just that.

KEYT News featuring "Common Table on State St.”, September 6th, 2018
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"Each citizen makes a difference in our democracy. One important way is to have direct involvement in their local community. If individuals participate in shaping their local communities, the cumulative effect will be to revitalize our democracy, which will affect future generations."

Jeff BridgesLWCP Advisor

Photos from “Common Table on State St.”, September 6th, 2018:


Video of “Common Table - Montecito”, July 26th, 2018:


PROGRAM: “Creative Democracy”

As with stories, the arts speak to and lift up our most deeply-rooted values, reinforce community identity, and enhance critical thinking and problem solving. Art acknowledges and promotes the real-life experiences of individuals who are often left out of civic engagement.

Creative Democracy is a dynamic, arts-advocating, organizing, and project-creation coalition based in the Santa Barbara community.  It champions the critical value of the arts to a healthy democracy. It seeks to improve access and encourage diversity in the arts, and ultimately influence how the arts are recognized and integrated into our complex culture.

Process and goals:

  • Build arts and culture into civic connection and participation across the community

  • Unify and empower an authentic representative voice, and put this voice on community agendas where it is typically underutilized and under-served

  • Grow the connective tissue needed to support current and future generations of artists and cultural practitioners

"The Art of Community”  - event, October 20, 2018:


"Creative Democracy - In Six Minutes"  - program launch event, June 2, 2018: