Coffee Conversations

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A series of inclusive community conversations inspired by "Voices Of The Stranger," a course taught by Walter Capps at U.C. Santa Barbara. This program launched in February, 2019, with an event entitled "Coffee With A Black Guy," (photos and video below) hosted by James Joyce III, “…featuring, coffee, connection, and conversation about the often tough and uncomfortable realities that impact some of us, therefore all of us as a whole.”

Journalist Krista Tippett also captures the gist of Coffee Conversations, putting it this way: “It seems we are more divided than ever before… The places we’ve looked for leadership and modeling have become some of the most broken in our midst. And so it is up to us, where we live, to start having the conversations we want to be hearing and creating the realities we want to inhabit. How do we speak the questions we don’t know how to ask each other? Can we find ways to cross gulfs between us…? How to engage our neighbors who have become strangers? We have the language, the tools, the virtues – and the calling, as human beings – to create hospitable spaces for taking up the hard questions of our time.”

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Program launch event, “Coffee With a Black Guy” hosted by James Joyce III, on Feb 23rd, 2019 (video) ➜


"I'm truly excited about the Lois & Walter Capps Project because we need inclusive, non-intimidating platforms for conversation among widely diverse members of our communities in order to awaken compassion for our fellow humans, reignite active participation in our democracy, and make everyday citizens feel empowered to create positive change."

Liz Clark – Captain, Adventurer, Activist, and Lois & Walter Capps Project Advisor