Connecting our community through authentic and essential dialogue 

Vision and Purpose

We believe that inclusive, authentic dialogue among people of all backgrounds is the heartbeat of a healthy democracy; it is essential in giving voice to those in society's margins, and critical in developing a culture of belonging, participation, and collaboration.

During an era of chronic opposition and division, we are committed to helping provide a variety of welcoming opportunities to come together as neighbors – to create relationship around the sharing of experiences and the civil exchange of ideas. Our programs and events serve as seed-beds for cultivating, demonstrating, and celebrating our fundamental connectedness.


Common Table

Sitting down for a meal together is one of the most fundamental ways to bridge divisions and build community. It is a basic starting point toward deeper understanding and relationship building. More…

Coffee Conversations

Inspired by "Voices Of The Stranger," a course taught by Walter Capps at U.C. Santa Barbara, this series of community conversations launched with "Coffee With A Black Guy," hosted by James Joyce III. Coffee, connection, and conversation about the often tough and uncomfortable realities that impact some of us, therefore all of us as a whole. More…

United By Art

(Formerly known as Creative Democracy.) Bringing people together around the commonality of art and creativity. Each event features performances and presentations by an unexpected diversity of visual artists, musicians, poets, dancers, storytellers, etc., who are otherwise unlikely to share a stage together. More…